About Me

Alison Green Myers wanted to join the circus.
She wanted to train tigers.
She wanted to jump through fire.
She wanted to stand on a wire, suspended high above a cheering crowd.
She probably spent too much time at her local library, especially inside the pages of If I Ran The Circus.
Alison never made it to the circus (though she did travel on a carnival for many years) but her early trips to the library fed her in other ways.

She spent the first half of her career teaching reading and writing, and now finds herself working in the majestic circus of children’s book publishing as program director for the Highlights Foundation. She is a regional advisor for SCBWI and a fellow of the National Writing Project. She’s presented in classrooms across the United States, as well as national teacher conferences. Alison is a proud contributor to the My Special Word revolution.

Alison writes about the wilds of life, mostly humans, but other scary beasts too.  She hopes that young women see themselves in her words.